Lofted Living

During my first year living in San Francisco, I shared a 110 square foot bedroom with one of my classmates. While I have since moved out this very cozy abode, I still wanted to share my thought process with you all in regards to my attempt at maximizing my space!

I’ve had to share a bedroom with at least another person for most of my life, and so living in this small space was not too big of a deal for me. The real challenge lay in utilizing the little space I did have in a way that would not only maximize its functionality, but also maintain a simple, clean, and happy aesthetic.


Since I had sold or donated all of my furniture in Los Angeles prior to my move, I was working with more or less of a blank slate. Although having to purchase almost all of my furniture could cost some money, it could work to my advantage because I needed the flexibility to adapt my furniture to the limitations of my new space.

I definitely wanted to loft my bed to take advantage of what would otherwise be dead, vertical space and so I browsed online for a few ideas:


This super space efficient apartment in Sweden (of course, haha) turned an oddly positioned nook into a bedroom/office space. I love the clean aesthetic of the lofted system; the white finish of the bed frame blends with the walls, uniting the area with a streamlined look. I also like that the trestles serve double duty both as support for the desk top and extra storage.


As I would also have limited closet space, I liked the idea of storing my clothes under my bed. I didn’t, however, want to reserve the entire space solely for clothing as shown above for a couple of reasons: 1) I’ve been in the process of paring down my belongings to keep only what I really need, and so limiting my allocated space for clothing storage would help with that initiative; 2) I needed some place to study when coffee shops are closed, and so I wanted to put a desk there as well.

The Final Product

After browsing online and measuring my half of the room a dozen times, I decided to purchase the following pieces of furniture:

  1. IKEA SVARTA Loft Bed Frame
  2. IKEA RIGGA Clothes Rack
  3. LINNMON Table Top + ADLIS Legs
  4. ClosetMaid 6-Cube Organizer
    Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.45.34 PM

Behold, the final product below! (Apologies for the single picture. I snapped this one image just before packing up all of my belongings to move out.)


My lofted bed granted me ample space beneath it to play with. At the bottom left of my living space, I used the ClosetMaid 3×2 Organizer as a bookshelf, jewelry display and dressing table, and for clothing storage. At the bottom right, my business professional clothing that I wear practically every day for school hangs on a clothes rack. The center of the area features my desk and work station. Not pictured is a small closet that I shared with my roommate, where I kept my large coats, shoes, and other articles of clothing.

One thing that I did not anticipate, but greatly appreciated was the fact that my bed frame was open, allowing the natural light from my window to flood the room. Natural lighting is always the best, and in gloomy San Francisco I need to catch every ray of sunlight that I can get!

Ideally, I wanted the bed frame to be white instead of silver, but IKEA did not have another color option and I did not feel like it was worth it to spray paint the entire frame. I therefore decided to leave it as is. Having a white bed frame, however, would dramatically enhance the airy feel of the space and better blend in with the other furniture.

Ultimately I was able to fit practically everything I owned into my small room, while maintaining functionality and a cozy atmosphere. Is this a Happy Space? I think so!

What are your thoughts? How would you have set up this bedroom?


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