Organizing Your Receipts

I used to stuff all of my receipts into a side pocket of my wallet, any empty space in my purse, or in my pockets, depending on whatever was most convenient at the time. When I got home, I would dump everything into a small pile on my desk. As you can imagine, there was a high possibility of me losing things or wasting five to ten minutes trying to find a particular receipt for an item I needed to return.

Enter the accordion organizer! I found this cute little guy at Target’s $1/$3 Spot a while back for $1. It’s just a bit smaller than my checkbook.


What I love about this guy is that he has just enough sections for me to organize my receipts according to credit card, with an extra section for returns. To label each section, I used some Washi tape that I had on hand (originally purchased from Michael’s) and a black Sharpie. (I love that both the labels and the organizer have a chevron pattern!) Using Washi tape allows me to easily remove the labels without damaging the organizer if I decide to change things up in the future.

Now, instead of dumping all of my receipts in a pile somewhere at the end of the week, I spend a few minutes filing them into my lovely little organizer. This small investment pays dividends when it comes time to pay my bills and those pesky slips of paper are easily accessible. Plus, the coral and yellow chevron make me smile every time I open it, which keeps me motivated to maintain my system!

What do you do with your receipts? How do you stay financially organized?


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